Year 7 Science Fiction Writing

Year 7 Science Fiction Writing

The English department would like to say a huge thank you and well done to all the year seven students who submitted their responses to the interactive work that was set on Monday 22nd June. Year 7 are currently completing a unit of work based around creative writing, with the focus on ‘science fiction’. Within the lesson they were given images as a stimulus for creating the opening to a story, in which they attempted to use various structural features such as one line paragraphs and mixing short and long sentences together for impact.

We were blown away by  the work we received. You can read some examples below.

Mrs Amy Clark

An eerie silence hung over Swansea city centre. Trees stretched their archaic fingers towards the crumbled buildings like they wanted to eat them up. As you looked around you could see slanted buildings on their sides. Masks, gloves and face shields littered the streets like leaves on an Autumn day. You could hear signs swinging squeakily in the strong wind. The streets are empty.A deadly virus has swept through the world like a Tsunami. Its wiped out nearly everyone on planet Earth; all except 3 people.

Extract from Izzy N (7.7) 


It seemed as if the day was trying to hide the disaster that was about to strike.

Most of the citizens had spent almost up to ten minutes staring at the mass vines and moss that covered up the city. There were many bushes and trees, most of which were either squashed up between the brick buildings or covering up the cars. Even the town square couldn’t handle the amount of forest consuming it. The giant buildings began to slowly collapse, as if they had just been defeated in war. The grass was almost impossible to pull out and it grew even more impossible once we left it alone because they just seemed to be growing more and more every second.

Extract from Chloe O (7.6)


Why are we still here?

It’s been ten years since they left. There weren’t enough ships to take us all. They said they would come back. They didn’t.

We have been abandoned here with all of the elementals.

I was 12 when it happened. It came without any warning. At first we thought it was just like any another storm but then the creatures started to appear. The rocks started to move, the ice started to travel and the lava began to flow. They came up out of the ground. Creatures at least three times bigger than an average adult human. Their bodies huge and solid, made from rock, fire or ice, with spikes protruding out of their backs. Although they were slow moving and clumpy there was nothing the military could do against them. People panicked and fled. That is when the evacuations began.

We are still managing to survive alongside the Elementals, in the deserted towns and cities. Living with the hope that one day they will return for us.

By Philip V (7.6)


The sea at Southend has gone, just vanished.

As far as the eye can see there is just dry land. Boats have been stranded where they were floating anchored to what was once the seabed. Unable to breathe without the water, dead sea life was scattered everywhere, tragic victims of this amazing mystery.

Southend was silent!

Just 2 days ago had been here sitting watching the cold angry sea crashing the shores as always, threatening to breach the sea walls and fisherman battling the seas fury, to make their living. Just then the radio crackled to life with an urgent announcement, seas and oceans all over the world had disappeared, where has all of the water gone?

By Layla C (7.4)


Whoosh. Another car floats down the road like a piece of plastic in the ocean.

It is one minute past noon.

The surviving residents of Trentishoe, a small coastal hamlet in Devon, gaze in disbelief at the devastation before their eyes. Only last week, the sun shone it’s blinding rays across the bay. Tourists bustled around the quaint harbour where fishermen hauled their latest catch. Idyllic, thriving and picturesque. It was the height of summer; the most sold-out, successful season to date. Was this finally the start of many prosperous years?

Some locals had noticed the cotton-wool clouds building and turning a grey only seen in black and white movies. However, nobody had ever dreamt of the ferocity and intensity of the downpours that followed.

Hoooo Whooo; suddenly gusts of wind blew out of nowhere as if an express train was rushing through the streets.

By Charlotte K (7.1)