Applications to University

Achieve good AS results

The first focus for a student wanting to attend university is to achieve good results in their AS examinations – these help inform universities about a student’s current attitude towards their learning far more than a personal statement or a reference from the school or even their GCSE results. Universities sometimes use AS results as the “first sieve” if they have a lot of applicants.  It is important that you are realistic about what grades you can achieve when deciding which universities to apply to.

Decide on a course

Some students will already have a clear idea about what they want to study. Organising work experience or working voluntarily for an employer in your desired industry will help to ensure that the course you are undertaking is right for you.

Personal Statement

One key area of your UCAS application is that you are required to write a personal statement about yourself and why you want to study your particular chosen course at University.  It is therefore vital that you get involved in extra-curricular activities in school e.g. mentoring younger students, helping with House Competitions, charity events etc.  Ideally, your leadership experience and volunteering should relate to the course you want to study.  For example, if you are aiming to complete an Event’s Management Degree, organising a charity event would be very relevant.  If you wanted to pursue a degree course in Accountancy, Business or Economics, mentoring a student or attending this department’s open evenings as a Student Ambassador would be very beneficial to your application.  Your volunteering will allow you to demonstrate leadership qualities, good communication skills, responsibility and reliability etc. All of this can then be mentioned in your personal statement and tutor’s reference.

Key Dates:

10th June 2018 UCAS and Apprenticeships Parents Information Evening.
11th July 2018 Next Steps Day
Summer Holidays Ensure that your personal statement and/or CVs are completed.  Take the opportunity to visit an open day or taster session at a University.  Try to secure work experience with a relevant employer.
September 2018 Complete the UCAS application form with support provided in school.
8th October 2018 Internal deadline for Oxbridge/Medicine/Veterinary Courses.
By October half term Preferred date for all applications to be ready for final checking and submission.

Visit some universities

Universities have open days throughout the summer. You can check their individual websites for exact dates. Aim to visit at least 2 or 3 to get an idea of what it is actually like to be in different locations e.g. a university in a city or on a campus outside of town. All students will attend The Higher Education Super Convention in June which may help you make some decisions as there are talks about studying different courses.

The best way to check that a university is right for you is to go to an open day

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