Summer School 2021

This year we were very fortunate to run a Summer Camp for our new Year 7 cohort, the aim of which was for students:

  • to meet some of the staff and their peers
  • build their confidence and self-esteem
  • develop their resilience, team-work and communication skills

The theme for Summer Camp was survival and students participated in a variety of activities linked to this theme. From creative writing to drama; sports activities to team challenges; History and Science based communication activities to escape rooms, all students were challenged and encouraged to develop a range of skills.

Staff who organised and delivered these fun and exciting activities were all from the Bromfords school and comprised of qualified teachers and associate members of staff.

We invited the whole year group to come along and around 67% attended, including a number of our more vulnerable students.  The staff involved thoroughly enjoyed spending time with the new intake of students and engaging with them out of a classroom setting. Equally, feedback from the students was very positive. As a result, students felt so much more confident and looked forward to joining our school community in September.

Breakdown of Spending shown below:

Inflatables £913.50
Ice Cream Day £300.00
Gardening materials £150.00
Activity Materials £2,303
Catering £516.00
Staffing costs £13,685
Total £17,867.50