Jack Petchy Winners

Josh Waller –February 2018

Josh has worked hard to really overcome his anxieties and he has shown great maturity in his approach to his learning.  Josh now attends mainstream lessons for Maths, Science, Geography, History and Support which considering his previous school history is nothing short of amazing! Of course, this didn’t happen without the support of staff but ultimately Josh has persevered and really achieved a great deal since his start at Bromfords.

Montanna Moore – March 2018

Montanna is a kind and thoughtful student who had really long hair.  Whilst she was researching different cancer charities to donate some money to, she came across the Cancer Research Charity pages where different young people’s stories were recorded.  Moved by these stories she decided to support the youngest patient on there, who was a 6 year old girl in Scotland who had lost her hair through her treatment.  However, rather than just donating money, she decided also to donate her hair to the young girl so that a wig could be made for her.  This is an amazing and inspiring sacrifice that deserves to be recognised.