Jack Petchey Award

Recent Jack Petchey Award winners.

Ryan Owers – January 2021 Jack Petchey Winner

Ryan is a fantastically hard working and dedicated student.  He is a role model for those in his form and his classes with his attention to detail and work ethic.  He committed himself during lockdown attending all the lessons and completing all of the tasks set.  He additionally took the time at each half term to thank the staff who had delivered his lessons which was a real encouragement to them. 

Ryan has donated the £250 to the Music Department

Ella Felton –  February 2021 Jack Petchey Winner

Ella was nominated by a number of her peers for the positive impact she has on other students.  She is always helping others and she is consistently kind-hearted.  She has a good sense of humour and she consistently produces her best efforts in lessons across all subjects, working hard to improve her results.  History – Mrs Barlow (Character books for KS3 extended research)

Holly Vickers – March 2021 Jack Petchey Winner

Holly is a thoughtful young lady who was nominated by several of her peers.  She is always working above and beyond in lessons and is determined to push herself.  She is always helpful to people who are stuck on questions and consistently pays attention, being a genuinely nice and friendly student.