Jack Petchey Winners

September 2021 Jack Petchey Winner is Adele

Adele contributes to the school community in a wide range of ways including being a prefect, equality and diversity champion and being part of student voice.  Adele is a selfless individual, always helping and putting others before herself, including volunteering outside of school at a local charity shop.  She always gives 110% in her lessons to make great progress in her studies. 

£250 donated to History Department


October 2021 Jack Petchey Winner is Callum

Callum doesn’t let challenges get in the way of him making progress.  He is a very quick learner and works hard to maintain focus in lessons.  Callum has achieved so much and helps his form by being a Student Representative to convey others views to the wider community. 

£250 award donated to Photography Department


November 2021 Jack Petchey Winner Simon

Simon is an exceptionally helpful student who supports many of his peers with their work.  He tirelessly works to ensure that he achieves the highest grades he can, being above target in many subjects and consistently demonstrating outstanding effort. He makes everyone feel welcome with his calm and friendly manner.

£250 donated to History Department