Jack Petchey Winners

Alfie, Year 7 – September

Alfie has been an amazing friend this year to a student from Ukraine who has very limited English. Alfie has gone above and beyond to help him settle into school life. Beyond this, Alfie is an incredibly hard working student who consistently makes the right choices. Alfie is a shining of example of ‘aspiring to be the best we can be, in all that we do’.

£250 donated to Photography Department



Emily, Year 11 – October

Emily has done an incredible amount of fundraising in the past year. She completed an autism awareness 15km walk around London and raised around £250, which she did to help her family members. She also completed the 5km Cancer Research walk in the summer and raised around £200 for this. She also helps with charity events for fundraising to help children with additional needs.

£250 donated to Photography Department


Paynton, Year 12 – November

Paynton has made an excellent start to Year 12 despite exceptionally difficult personal circumstances. While acting as a young carer, she has maintained excellent attendance and continues to work hard completing all class, home and independent study work, asking for support when needed to make sure her writing develops. She has made a significant jump in terms of her academic writing since leaving Year 11 and this tenacity to improve and achieve would be admirable for anyone, let alone someone facing the challenges that she faces everyday. Paynton is helpful to staff, kind to her peers and her resilience is a model for us all.  

£250 donated to Film Studies Department