Headteacher’s Gallery

Sophie joined the Diversity Student Champions from September and is a valuable and hard-working member of the group.

Recently, she created and led an assembly on Mental Health and Wellbeing to Year 8 students – this was Sophie’s first time to lead an assembly and she did exceptionally. She spoke with clarity and confidence and I am so proud of all her efforts. I know first-hand how difficult leading an assembly can be, let alone as a Year 7 student delivering it to another year group.

Asides from being part of the Diversity Student Champion group, Sophie struggles with Dyslexia and can find it hard to difficult, certainly in French where letters and sounds aren’t always what they seem/sound like. She has many achievement points and zero behaviour points. She is always proactive in asking for help and works on task trying her best each time. I believe for this award Sophie demonstrates our three core values of Achieve, Enrich and Prepare.