Employability for Life Plus Award

The purpose of this award is to give students to skills required to ensure they are successful in higher education and/or apprenticeships and career destinations.  The Employability for Life plus Award is valued highly amongst universities and employers and is a separate qualification.

The Employability for Life plus Award has five key areas:

  • Attendance, punctuality, appearance and behaviour
  • Professional Conduct
  • Motivation, Commitment and Achievement
  • Communication
  • Teamwork and Leadership

Students will be graded on each area by their tutor and receive either a Bronze, Silver of Gold Award. Pages 12-19 detail how students can achieve a gold, silver or bronze award

Employability for Life Charter PLUS Handbook

Additional guidance for this award

Students are required to create a CV for this award.  Detailed guidance on CV writing is available via Kent University Careers excellent website

CV writing guidance

CV Examples

CV Template

Employability for Life Plus Charter Grading Criteria