Pupil Premium & Year 7 Catch-Up Funding

Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium is additional funding given to schools so that they can support their disadvantaged pupils and close the attainment gap between them and their peers.

The funding is now based on the “Ever 6” system which means that as well as pupils who are currently on free school meals, schools receive funding for any young person who has been in receipt of free school meals in the last six years.

The total funding provided in the Pupil Premium allocation to the Bromfords School and Sixth Form College for the financial year 2016-2017 was £224 000.

The sum of money allocated is a large figure which reflects the significant impact that it should be having on the performance and outcomes of the young people who are targeted by the funding. We have researched the best practice on the use of Pupil Premium funding as set out by the Sutton Trust Pupil Premium Toolkit:


The document below is an evaluation of the Pupil Premium spend for 2016-17 alongside the plans for the Pupil Premium allocation for 2017-18.

Pupil Premium Statement, Autumn 2017

Year 7 Catch-up Funding

The catch‐up premium was introduced in January 2013 and has since provided our school with additional funding for each Year 7 student who did not achieve at least level 4 in reading and/or mathematics at the end of Key Stage 2 (KS2). With the removal of levels at KS2, The criteria for the funding has now changed. This funding (no more than £500 per student) has always been used to provide literacy and numeracy catch‐up support for underachieving students in Year 7 in order that they are given the opportunity to “catch‐up” as quickly as possible.

Although the funding is not ring‐fenced for catch‐up activities, there is an expectation that the funding will be directed to additional literacy and numeracy catch‐up support during Year 7. Schools can make their own decisions about how the grant is best used in the context of their existing strategies to help underperforming students to catch‐up. Now that the KS2 levels have been removed, the additional funding will initially be used to support Year 7 students who were significantly below the expected standard in reading and/or mathematics at the end of KS2.  The school’s catch-up funding allocation for 2016-17 was £23,367

Catch-Up Funding Statement, Autumn 2017