In the main school (Years 7-11), students are taught 25 periods a week. In the Sixth Form, some of those 25 periods are supervised self-study lessons. In addition, some Sixth Form lessons may be delivered after school as twilight sessions. Lessons throughout the school are an hour long. All students also attend a tutor period with their form tutor every morning, one of which will also include an assembly with the rest of their year group.

The Curriculum for Years 7 & 8

In Years 7 and 8, all schemes of work are based on developing the skills that will be required at GCSE. Students are placed in sets for English, Maths and Science by the October half-term of Year 7 and are taught in mixed ability classes for their other lessons. Student progress in these sets is reviewed termly. In Year 8, additional setting may occur in Humanities and in French. Throughout Years 7 and 8, students also attend Citizenship lessons which include the delivery of PIXL Edge in Year 8.

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The Curriculum for Year 9

In Year 9, the majority of students begin their GCSE courses having chosen their options for GCSE in the Spring term of Year 8.  Students remain in sets for the core curriculum of English, Maths and Science with other subjects taught in mixed ability classes. Citizenship is delivered through drop down days/sessions.


The Core Curriculum (all students)

English Language – GCSE

English Literature – GCSE

Mathematics – GCSE

Science – GCSE

PE – Non-Exam

Citizenship is delivered through drop down days/sessions.

Additional subjects available to choose currently include History, Geography, Religious Studies, French, Computer Science, GCSE ICT (CiDA), GCSE PE, Dance, Drama, Art, Music, Photography, BTEC or GCSE Business Studies, Technology (Design & Technology or Food Technology), BTEC Health & Social Care and Film Studies. Some personalisation is possible for those students who have special circumstances (see next page).

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The Curriculum for Years 10 & 11

Students continue to study our core curriculum (see previous page) alongside their options choices. At the start of Year 10, students are placed on either the Trilogy Science (two GCSEs) or the separate Sciences pathway (three GCSEs).

Personalisation at KS4

In KS4 a small number students follow a “flexible learning path”. They take a reduced number of GCSE courses and follow personalised programmes that might include study support, extended work experience and a small number of vocational courses. This is arranged on an individual basis in consultation with the students’ parents/carers and the SENCO.

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The Curriculum at Key Stage 5

In Year 12, the majority of students currently choose 3 subjects from a range of both academic and vocational options. All of these subjects are now linear courses with assessment/examination at the end of Year 13. We also offer a one year pathway for students as a stepping stone to Sixth Form or further training/employment elsewhere. Full details of the Sixth Form courses are in the Sixth Form prospectus on the school website.

In addition to their formal lessons, students have supervised private study time in the Sixth Form Centre and study skills lessons taught throughout the year. There are also timetabled lessons in English and mathematics for students who need to gain a grade 4 GCSE qualification.


Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural Development

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) learning (including British values) cuts across the whole school through every lesson. It helps us to develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of the wider world by learning about the beliefs, cultures, difficulties and needs of other people. This in turn helps everyone to develop greater consideration, care and empathy for the world around them.

Examples of some of the many opportunities available to students to explore these issues can be found here.