Parent Voice

At The Bromfords School,  we recognise the importance of home and school partnership which is why we set up our Parent Voice group.

Parent Voice, is not a fundraising committee but is a chance for parents/ carers to feel part of important decision- making process relating to the school. Meetings are relevant and focused on the school experience and the education of our students. 

Meetings are chaired by Senior Leaders and are varied in their delivery. We have keynote speakers, question and answer sessions, group discussions and general feedback activities. 

All parents/ carers are welcome to join Parent Voice, which meets once a term. Meeting dates and times are on our school calendar. 

Parent Voice does not discuss issues relating to individual children or teachers, which can be raised through other channels such as our pastoral system. Parent Voice looks at school-wide issues that affect all students and are therefore relevant to all parents/ carers. 

Here are a few examples of our previous discussion points:

  • Change in our school uniform including discussions on design, colour and implementation. 
  • Parents Evenings 
  • Marking and Feedback

If you would like to attend a Parent Voice meeting, please read the Parent Voice Code of Conduct .Please remember Parent Voice is a general discussion forum and not a forum for discussions of individuals, students or events. Thank you 

Parental Voice Meeting October 2022
Parental Voice Meeting January 2023
Parental Voice Meeting October 2023
Parental Voice Meeting February 2024
Parental Voice Rewards System

The next upcoming Parental Voice Meeting is on Friday 9th May 2024

In order to continue parent/ carer engagement we ask that should you wish to raise any points or have any questions in the meantime,  that you send an email to

Thank you for your continued support.