Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

The Equality Code

Here at the Bromfords School, we have introduced an Equality Code to prevent any form of discrimination from taking place. As a school, we are committed to ensuring that all members of the school community feel safe, respected and that they have a collective sense of belonging. It is important that we educate our young people to respect differences and to provide them with as many opportunities to get to know people from different walks of life. Our School is currently working achieving the Bronze Award of the Diversity Mark which is an accredited programme that schools/colleges in the UK

What does Equality, Diversity and Inclusion mean?

With these factors in mind, what does and more importantly, what should Equality, Diversity and Inclusion mean within a school setting? Put simply, Equality is a universal human right; meaning that we all deserve to be treated fairly with dignity and respect. However, being treated fairly and equally doesn’t mean being treated the same as each other because we are all different and have differing needs.

We also recognise that no two people are the same. We all have different skills, strengths, talents, and values. Diversity is about valuing the unique skills and attributes that each person has. Inclusion happens when people are given equal opportunity to succeed and any barriers to equality are overcome. Inclusive schools listen to and value each person’s contributions as they foster trust and create a sense of belonging where everyone feels safe to bring their whole selves. Inclusive schools give people many opportunities to get to know one another in order to foster positive relationships.

How are the Bromfords School tackling any form of discrimination?

For these reasons, our school has recently introduced an Equality Code to protect us all from different forms of discrimination, including race, sex, religion, age, sexuality, pregnancy and maternity, transgender identity, and disability. Around school corridors and within classrooms, Equality Code posters are visible. We encourage students to actively support one other and to not be a bystander when witness to any form of discrimination.

We take any form of discrimination seriously and have spilt these into the following categories:

Minor breach:

  • informal/untargeted action (not malicious) – when challenged this is acknowledged as a mistake or an error (2 Behaviour Points)

Major breach:

  • conscious/targeted, malicious action – when challenged there is refusal to acknowledge this (4 Behaviour Points)

We have introduced the following sanction system:

Consequence for MINOR breaches

  • Restorative conversation with class teacher (within classroom)
  • Restorative conversation with member of staff on break/lunch duty and stamp on Equality within PRIDE Card (outside of classroom)

Consequences for MAJOR breaches

  • 1st instance – Contact home
  • 2nd instance – Contact home – 45-minute detention
  • 3rd instance – Meeting with parents/carers in school
  • 4th instance – SLT

We hope that by introducing the Equality Code, all members of the school community behave with consistently high levels of respect for one another and that we are all protected from bullying, harassment, and discrimination.

Introducing the Staff Panel

Here at the Bromfords School, we accept, respect, and celebrate our differences. We have launched the Equality Code to safeguard any member of the school community from bullying, harassment, and discrimination. With that in mind, we have appointed a Staff and Student Panel to promote positive relationships and to explore ways in which Equality, Diversity and Inclusion opportunities can be maximised within the school. Our staff panel consists of

  • Miss Stephens – Head of MFL and Staff Lead on Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Mrs Clout – Assistant Head (Lower School)
  • Mrs Sewgobind – Maths Teacher
  • Mr Adu – Maths Teacher
  • Ms Farrow – Maths Teacher
  • Mrs Power – KS3 English Coordinator
  • Mrs Funteh – Science Teacher
  • Mrs Krizanova – Science Teacher
  • Mrs Chappell – Science Teacher
  • Mrs Kemp – KS4 Science Coordinator
  • Mrs Fitzsimmons – P.E Teacher
  • Miss Chiddicks – Cover Teacher

Our Staff Panel work tirelessly to ensure that student concerns are fully investigated so that all members of the school community feel safe within school. The Staff Panel meet at least once a half-term to discuss our progress towards the Equality Code. We also lead school assemblies, organise charity events and create resources to be used in Tutor Time to highlight diverse perspectives or events such as Black History Month or World Kindness Day.

Introducing the Student Panel

The Bromfords School strives to be an inclusive school. One of our aims for the Equality code is that it will bring a sense of belonging to all members of the school community. We want to provide our students with as many opportunities to get to know people from different walks of life. As such, we have also appointed a Student Panel that we have named our Diversity Champions. Our Diversity Champions take part in a range of projects designed to maximise Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion within the school. Our Diversity Champions meet at least once a half-term to discuss our progress towards the Equality Code. We look forward to working collaboratively with our students throughout the academic year.

Students are currently working on a ‘We are Bromfords’ art project to highlight the diversity that we have within our school. Each student was provided with a blank silhouette to create a
representation of themselves and asked to label the hobbies or interests that make them all unique.