Student Outcomes -Post 18

Post-18 Destinations

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Once you join The Bromfords School it becomes our mission to secure you a place at your first-choice onward destination. You might already know where that is, or you might not. Either way we have the experience and support networks to provide you with high quality destinations advice and guidance that will allow you to make the best career choices. Students from The Bromfords School are currently studying at Universities and colleges across the world and we have built an extensive alumni who often come back to us and share their stories. We are also building an impressive bank of students who have gone on to be successful in apprenticeships and employment.

You can see a detailed breakdown of our students’ destinations over time in the table below which compares the destinations of The Bromfords School leavers for the past four years with those of students at state-funded schools and colleges at local authority and national level.

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  2023 2022 Essex England
Number of Students 37 46 N/A N/A
Higher Education 57% 52% 54% 50%
Of Which are Top Third Higher Education Institutions  49% 11% 15% 18%
Of Which Russell Group 5% 9% 12% 12%
Of Which Oxford or Cambridge 0% 0% 1% 1%
Apprenticeships 27% 17% 3% 6%
Employment 5% 20% 21% 22%
NEET 11% 4% N/A 19%