Ethos and Values

Our Core Values


  • We believe that all our young people have the potential to achieve in school and succeed in life. Whatever their starting point no young person will be left behind.
  • We aim to provide our students with a high-quality learning environment which maximises student success. A variety of curriculum pathways allows us to challenge yet support students of different abilities so that everyone reaches their potential.
  • We provide a broad and balanced curriculum that allows students to sample new courses such as Business Studies, Health and Social Care and Photography in Year 9 before choosing their options.
  • Alongside this, students continue to study a wide range of subjects such as Values, Ethics and Beliefs.
  • Ensuring the highest standards of literacy and communication for all students is a key priority. In Years 7 and 8 students have a discrete literacy lesson once a week.
  • Regular homework encourages students to develop the key life-skill of independence and allows them to reflect on their learning.
  • Our curriculum is constantly reviewed to ensure it is well sequenced and builds on prior learning.
  • Our SEND Department and teaching staff endeavour to break down barriers to learning and support students’ progress through early identification of need, support, intervention, and teaching strategies.
  • Our CPD Programme supports staff development, from those new in role to experienced colleagues, to allow adults to make a significant individual contribution to the success of our school and to make a difference to the students at Bromfords. 



  • Throughout their time in school, we will nurture the talents and interests of our students and aim to provide them with an abundance of invaluable life experiences.
  • Students have a breadth of experience beyond the classroom, including field trips and educational visits.
  • The school offers an abundance of opportunities to develop leadership skills and to allow students to be involved in, and have an impact on, the school’s environment, as well as developing skills they need for success in and outside of the classroom.
  • Duke of Edinburgh – Prefects – Student Voice – Jack Petchey – Anti-Bullying Ambassadors – Student Presidents – Prince’s Trust – Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Ambassadors are just some of the many opportunities on offer to students.
  • We understand the value of pastoral care and the impact it can have for every individual young person in our community. Each year group has a dedicated pastoral team that support the year group on their journey through The Bromfords School.
  • Additionally, Heads of House play a central role in fostering positive and supportive relationships in our school community. These are the cornerstone of success and we have high expectations of behaviour and courtesy at all times.
  • Our high expectations provide us with the opportunities to celebrate and recognise the diverse and exceptional talents and achievements of the young people in our care and adults who work in our school.
  • Half-termly well-being weeks support the work-life balance of our staff.



  • We aim to develop the skills and attributes that are key in empowering our students to be successful well-rounded and thoughtful individuals, preparing them for their next steps in a rapidly changing world.
  • We have an excellent Year 6 transition programme ensuring a smooth switch from primary to secondary school.
  • Our Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) programme provides exceptional support to students, parents and carers from Year 7 all the way through to Year 13 and opportunities post-18.
  • This high quality CEIAG provision is supplemented further by our outstanding personal, social, health, and citizenship education. This helps our young people prepare for adult life.
  • Our Student Voice teams provide an opportunity for our young people to play a vital role in shaping both the current and future experiences of The Bromfords School for our students.
  • Our post-16 transition programme supports our students with their next steps. Our aim is for our Year 11 students to continue their learning journey in our Sixth Form, where the school’s ethos of high expectations and individual care continues. We offer a wide range of courses and students achieve excellent outcomes. We are always delighted to hear from Year 11 students approaching our Sixth Form as external applicants.
  • CPD and career opportunities will allow staff to develop and grow with us. 

Our Culture

Our school’s culture, (the way we do things at Bromfords) is based around the principle of high expectations and aspirations for all members of our community; actions and conversations, however difficult, are always underpinned by kindness; that we communicate and share success; that we value each other’s views and opinions; decisions are evidence based and student centred.