The Physical Education Department consists of passionate & specialist staff who strive to provide all students with positive experiences within PE. Staff have high standards and excellent relationships that both enthuse and motivate students to engage and achieve their full potential.

We aim to;

  • Provide outstanding teaching and learning for all pupils
  • Promote and develop the physical, social and moral well-being of pupils
  • Provide students the opportunity to pursue excellence in all their chosen sporting endeavours
  • Inspire students to participate in sport and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle beyond their schooling years.


We benefit from fantastic sporting facilities, which include;

  • Large Sportshall
  • Gymnasium
  • Fitness Room
  • Two activity studios
  • Extensive playing fields
  • 2 multi-use games areas
  • 3 Netball Courts
  • Long/triple jump sand pit


The department offers a wide-ranging extra-curricular programme before school (7:30am-8:15am) and after school (3:00pm-4:00pm). Pupils are encouraged to attend as many of these clubs as possible, whilst it is an expectation that GCSE students will be committed to a significant extra-curricular contribution.

Sports Extra Curricular Timetable


We also run various trips and sport tours, these include trips to international rugby matches, handball & basketball matches and biennial ski trips. This year we will also be running a combined sports tour to France for both netball and football.

Ski Trips:

2019 -Winter Park, Colorado, USA

2017 – Sunday River, Maine, USA

2015 – La Polsa, Trentino, Italy

2013 – Val di Sole, Trentino, Italy

Students may also wish to further enhance their sporting knowledge through examinable PE in KS4 below is an outline of the course;

GCSE Physical Education – AQA Specification

What does the course consist of?

GCSE Physical Education is an exciting and diverse course that enables students to develop their skills as a performer within many sports.  It is a great opportunity for students with a passion and enthusiasm for physical education to develop their theoretical knowledge and understanding of sport and exercise.

The programme of study covers numerous practical activities allowing students to explore the benefits that both individual and teamwork can bring. Depending on the ability of the group, these could include; football, rugby, basketball, cricket, netball, trampolining, handball, athletics and more.

How you are assessed?

You will be assessed on both your practical and theory work. The amount of theory work required is quite demanding even though this is a practical subject.

Paper 1: The human body and movement in physical activity and sport Paper 2: Socio-cultural influences and well-being in physical activity and sport Paper 1: Practical performance in physical activity and sport
What’s assessed

  • Applied anatomy and physiology
  • Movement analysis
  • Physical training
  • Use of data
What’s assessed

  • Sports psychology
  • Socio-cultural influences
  • Health, fitness and well-being
  • Use of data
What’s assessed

  • Students are assessed as a performer in three different activities (30%)
  • Written/verbal analysis and evaluation of performance (10%)
Written exam:

1 hour 15 minutes

Total: 78 marks

30% of GCSE

Written exam:

1 hour 15 minutes

Total: 78 marks

30% of GCSE

How it’s assessed

Internal assessment, external moderation

Total: 100 marks

40% of GCSE

We do also offer a variety of different sport courses at KS5 for more details please view the Sixth Form curriculum 2016.

Sports Colours & Awards

Reward for your determination, commitment and excellence representing the school within your chosen sport.

Why are sports colours important?

School sports colours are a chance for the Physical Education Department to celebrate and congratulate the students for their efforts in representing the school on a consistent basis.

What is awarded to the students?

  • The pupils will receive a certificate and a blue pin badge with gold lettering to be worn on the school blazer
  • The pupils will receive a certificate and a blue shield badge with gold lettering to be worn on the school blazer.

Qualifying for Half Colours (Year 8)

  • Representation in a school sports team.
  • Consistent commitment to school sports fixtures
  • Consistent commitment to training
  • Exemplary sporting conduct

Qualifying for Full Colours (Year 10)

In addition to half colours criteria;

  • Outstanding representation in a School sport.
  • Outstanding contribution to a School sport.

The colours can be withdrawn from the pupils for poor behaviour either on the sports field or within their academic studies. Also for lack of commitment at training and school fixtures.

Victor & Victrix Ludorum Awards

This is the highest accolade awarded by the Physical Education Department. It is recognition for a male and female who displayed outstanding and excellent performances throughout their sporting career at The Bromfords School & Sixth Form College; whilst providing a significant contribution to Physical Education department.

Most recent winners:

  Victor Ludorum Victrix Ludorum
2018 Connor Dobson-Amos Maisie Jarman
2017 Matthew Rush Kelly Wealthall
2016 Elliot Thompson Tia & Zoe Woods
2015 Tyler Gillborn Megan Scarborough
2014 Harry Girling Sophie Thompson
2013 Scott Duffy Hannah Lowman

Roll of Honour / Sport Achievers


Daniel Bentley – Southend Football Club

Matt Rush – Southend YTS

Charlie Lee Kelman – Southend YTS

Courtney Lumley – West Ham Football Ladies

Kelly Wealthall – West Ham Football Ladies

Harry Girling – Millwall Football Club


Josh Da Silva – GB Handball & AC Fafe Portuguese Handball

Elliot Thompson – GB Handball

Tyler Gilborn – GB Handball

Owen Sartain – GB Handball

Teddy Baker – East Region Handball

Obi Molefi – East Region Handball

Connor Dobson Amos – East Region Handball

George Allison – East Region Handball

Nathan Burrell – East Region Handball

Albert Anderson – East Region Handball

Rachel James – East Region Handball

Tyla Sartain – East Region Handball

Alesi Harris – East Region Handball

Zoe Woods – East Region Handball

Tia Woods – East Region Handball

Ellie Crocker – East Region Handball

Ellie Haines – East Region Handball


Woody Eastman – Essex Golf