Uniform & Sportswear

Students are ambassadors of the school and are expected to dress and behave in a way that reflects the standards we seek to achieve.

All students in Years 7 to 11 wear school uniform as outlined below.

Where to buy uniform

The Bromfords School and Sixth Form College girls skirt and tie must be purchased from the school directly; all other uniform can be purchased from Emblem in Wickford or Trutex Direct.  If you wish to purchase your child’s uniform online from Trutex Direct please log onto www.trutexdirect.com, you will be prompted for a password, which is LEA00316SD.  The Bromfords School and Sixth Form College sportswear range is only available from Emblem in Wickford.  Emblem can be contacted on 01268 768 797, www.emblem-group.co.uk

Uniform Requirements

  • Navy blazer with The Bromfords School and Sixth Form College Badge (Each new intake year group must wear the new style blazer with braiding from).
  • White, collared, traditional, button-up shirt either long or short sleeves (no motifs or polo shirts), which will need to be tucked in at all times.
  • ONLY The Bromfords School initialled trousers are permitted, these can only be purchased through Emblem
  • School Skirt (available only from the school)
  • School clip-on tie with house colour logo (available only from the school) – it should be clipped over the fastened top shirt button.
  • Sensible black shoes; any laces must be black. Trainers of any kind, sandals, canvas, backless or sling back shoes, fashion boots and heavy boots are not permitted. For safety reasons shoes should have low heels. Nike Air Force 1 trainers or similar are not permitted.
  • Socks – plain and either white, navy or black.
  • Tights – only plain black or navy opaque tights may be worn. No leggings of any kind are permitted.
  • A jumper is optional but if worn must be purchased from the suppliers above and have the school logo on it.
  • Headscarves (excluding religious wear), bandanas, large hair slides and baseball caps are not permitted.

Jewellery and makeup

No jewellery is permitted apart from a wristwatch, however, please note that any notification function on any watch MUST be turned off.  Watches that have notification settings on will be treated the same as mobile phones, confiscated and only returned directly to a parent/carer via Main Reception. 

Only very discreet makeup is allowed – in practical terms this means subtle foundation, no lipstick, no eyeshadow, no eyeliner and no false eye lashes.  Nails should be natural in appearance – coloured nail varnish and false/gel nails are not acceptable. 


Students hairstyles should complement the school dress code.  No extreme hairstyles are permitted such as shaved patterns, tramlines, beading, extreme colouring or contrasting colours.

As with all uniform issues, the school will make the final decision and should you have any concerns please discuss with the school before proceeding.

Mobile phones and Head/Earphones

Mobile phones are allowed in school but must be turned off during lesson, lesson changeover and tutor time, as must any smart watches with notifications.  Mobile phones should remain out of sight during lessons and tutor times.

If a mobile phone is seen in a lesson or during tutor time, staff will confiscate it and duly pass the phone on to Main Reception.  The video, picture taking and audio recording facilities of mobile phones may not be used at all on the school premises – if they are, the phone will be confiscated. 

Confiscated phones will only be returned directly to parents/carers who will have to collect them from Student Reception. 

Headphones/earphones are also not allowed on the school site.  If seen, they will be confiscated and only returned to parents/carers via Main Reception as with mobile phones. 

 PE Kit

All students are required to wear The Bromfords School and Sixth Form College PE kit for ALL of their PE practical lessons. This PE kit is as follows:

  • The School logo polo shirt;
  • The School logo long sleeve rugby shirt;
  • The School logo PE shorts;
  • The School logo tracksuit;
  • The School logo leggings;
  • The School logo football socks or plain navy blue football socks;
  • Trainers or football boots appropriate to the activity undertaken.

Optional items of clothing that are also appropriate:

  • A Bromfords School Exam PE polo shirt;
  • A Bromfords logo sports jumper/hoody;
  • Under layers or skins – White or Blue in colour.
  • We respectfully ask that ALL items of PE kit are labelled clearly with student’s names.
  • If it is not possible for the correct PE kit to be worn for a PE lesson, students are required to bring in a note from home explaining the reason why and provide an alternative appropriate PE kit.

If a student is injured or unable to participate within their PE lesson, they are required to bring in a note from home explaining the issue. Students will be required to change into their PE kit for their lesson as they will be involved with learning through alternative means. Students will not be expected or asked to perform in an activity that could make their injury/illness worse.