Jack Petchey Winners

Lilly Pettit

When Lilly joined the school she was an anxious and shy student, but she has consistently worked incredibly hard and always tries her best at everything that she does.  She is a great role model for her classes and this year has produced an outstanding video in Geography around the issue of plastic pollution that was then used to teach other classes about the problem.  She demonstrates commitment in all of her subjects and will always go the extra mile to have a positive impact on others. 

Millie Hill

Millie excels in every lesson, spending hours on end revising, even for lessons that she doesn’t like.  She consistently produces excellent classwork and homework.  She gets along with everyone and is a great person for guidance and advice amongst her peers.  She is always wearing a smile and manages to spread the love.  She is always doing more than necessary to try and make others’ lives better.