Jack Petchey Winners

Joe, Year 11 – May

Joe is a student who joined our Autism Provision in 2018 and in year 7 he was not able to access all mainstream lessons and was completing approximately 50% of his lessons in the Provision.  He is now in year 11 and has come so far always trying his best in whatever he is doing.  For the last 2 years Joe has been going to mainstream to complete all of his lessons and only spends form time in the provision and when he needs to return to the Provision for some time out to self regulate.  Joe has achieved this through resilience and determination and throughout his time at school he has been a kind, caring and thoughtful student.  Joe is an inspiration to our students in the provision and he always has time for the younger students in the Provision, supporting them and spending time with them.  Joe has also achieved great things in Sport, joining rugby clubs after school and being recognised by Saracens youth teams.  Joe is a wonderful role model within the provision and the school and this is recognised by staff and students within mainstream.  Joe still has times when he feels anxious and overwhelmed but he always tries to overcome these feelings to conquer new experiences and challenges.