Edulink One

EduLink One is an online system for all parents/guardians/carers and students at The Bromfords School to access a range of information including:

  • Timetables
  • Homework
  • Achievement and behaviour points
  • Exam timetables and results
  • Homework
  • Links to useful websites e.g. Office 365, Hegarty Maths, GCSE Pod
  • Personal data – address, contact details, medical info
  • Attendance
How can Parents/Guardians/Carers and Students access EduLink One?

Edulink One is free and available through several platforms via the internet.

In order to log into Edulink One you need to use the following details:


School ID: bromfords

The username and password are the same as your current school login details – if you are unable to login, please see the IT technicians in school.


School ID: bromfords

You will receive a username and password via email or letter; the username will be in the format of: p_jsmith (for the parent: John Smith).

If you require any support or advice getting Edulink One setup, please e-mail

Please click any of the links below for helpful guides on specific features of Edulink One

EduLink One – Logging in and Changing Passwords

EduLink One – Homework

EduLink One – Achievements and Behaviour

EduLink One – Attendance

EduLink One – Exams

EduLink One – Personal Information Contacts and Medical

EduLink One – Timetable